Posted on March 21, 2013


England vs. Wales

England and Wales won all of their games in the 6 nations against Ireland, Italy, France and Scotland. It was down to England and Wales in the finals on the 16th of March. This game was very important because if England or Wales won, they would have won the overall 6 nations. During the game, Wales played a brilliant match, grabbing 30 points whereas England only got 3.

There are different views on this win, we interviewed people on their opinions and this is what they had to say…

“Finally a team that played rugby against England with precision and clinically put England in its place.” –Mr Devlin

“Wales played a very good game and they’re in a heyday so we can’t really compete.” –Luke

“I am very disappointed but the correct team won. They have too much experience for our young talented team.” –Mr Ridley

Overall there are many different views on this win, many people are disappointed with the results but very well done to wales for their amazing victory.

By Abbie and Ellie

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