Fantastic Fundraising at Grey Court School.

Posted on March 21, 2013


On the 15th of March 8 cedar did pie the teacher in the face and the whole school joined in and got very excited about it. Lots of teachers got involved in it which was good! In 8 Cedar we did a cake sale and pie the teacher in the face. In my form we raised quite a lot. It was £1.00 for two pies and £1.50 for four pies.

Me, Scarlett and Georgia did a cake sale although lots of other forms and years did cake sale and we had loads of cakes and brownies that our form all made and brought in. All together we made £60 for the cake sale.

We interviewed one teacher Called Mr Holden.

He said that “it was Damp, dark and scary. I also got a cut on my face which I wasn’t too pleased about! But it was ok because they were raising money”

We also interviewed pupils.

A pupil said “it was fun and exciting and I got involved and paid £1.50 to throw four pies”

Our form made a total of over £100!

Our school raised a total of £2600 and everyone in the school is very proud of us for raising that much.

by Claire

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