Grey court athletics triumph

Posted on March 21, 2013


On the Friday 8th March 2013 Grey Court year 7and 8 boys and girls competed in an athletics competition at the West London championships. They were, James, Alfie, Art, Kiran, Jack , Arron,Anthony Luke,Abiram,Abbie,Rhiana,Eloise,Maddie,Nadia,Eve,Megan,Morgan for year 8 team.  In the year 7 team was Zeno,Luke,Joe,Alex,Aliaster,Tytus,Eghosa,Natalia,Emmeline,Ruby,Roisin Jessica,Grace,Ruby and Anna. There was the obstacle race, 4 by 2, 4 laps, 6 laps and 8 laps I interviewed and Jack said, he felt nervous because he thought that

“We would lose the London champions, they were big kids”

Jack thought that Art, Luke and Arron did really well in the London championships. Luke felt nervous about not winning the London champions and Luke thought that

“James was a good communication to us and helped us.”

Kiran felt nervous as well and as he got use to it so he felt good after 1hr 30 min he got confident. He thought that art did well in the athletics. Alfie liked going to the athletics because he thought that we would lose but we won We won overall and we were all proud of achievements.

By Anthony

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