Israel Relies on Obama to Deal with Syrian Chemical weapons

Posted on March 21, 2013


President Obama decided to take action last night after he said the use of chemical warfare in the conflict with Israel

When Obama first visited Jerusalem he said to be patient until all the facts had been gathered. Syrian rebels and the regime of Basharal al-Assad did claim that chemical warfare was used but they blame each other. Obama said standing next to the Israeli prime minister

 “We know there are those in the Syrian regime that are willing to use chemical weapons.”

 Syria is believed to have four chemical arms-manufacturing plants and some 50 deports across the country to stockpile them. The president of Israel said yesterday that his country had acted in 2007 to destroy a Syrian nuclear reactor.

Obama said “we will do what is necessary to prevent Iran from obtaining the world’s worst weapons.”

The strategic aim of the visit was to tell Israel that long-term US support for its defence and support. We asked some local children about what they think about the whole situation.

Faris said “I think that it is horrific that they’re using chemical warfare as it will cause more problems.”

Alfie said “it is good that someone is doing something about it.”

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