Restorative approach board Game

Posted on March 21, 2013


Earlier this year Year 8 had an activity day where they got put into mixed groups. Their task was to come up with a board game to do with a specific problem e.g. Friendship.

Their deadline was at the end of the day, they all went to the hall and they all presented their games. The people who came in and organised it chose the game that they liked and they had to sit at the front and then they chose the winner but they said “it’s too hard to make a decision so they are all winners” and they all got to go to Pizza Express because they won but unfortunately my group didn’t win.

I have spoken to some people who won the fantastic prize of getting to go to Pizza Express.

He said that “It was fun because we got to be with people that we normally don’t work with and that we had no lessons and pizza hut was fun!”

Secondly I spoke to someone that didn’t win she said “it was a fun day and even though I didn’t win I was proud of my work”.

by Claire

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