Student of Hampton Court House runs for human rights reporter award

Posted on March 21, 2013


Grandson of MP Vince Cable, and 10 year old pupil of Hampton Court House Ayrton is running up for the Amnesty international young human rights reporter of the year award when he entered his image that was showing the issue of phone parts being created using toxic materials in Congo. So far Ayrton has recently become one in the long listed to the top 10 and has beat 2,500 children to reach this far. If he gets into the top 3 of one of the 6 categories in April he will then be running up for his report to be shown in the centre of London in June. Ayrton has commented “I’m very happy to be long listed in the top 10.  I really would like to thank everyone who is helping out with the campaign.” “There is a terrible amount of amount of suffering in the Congo. A fair trade phone would make a huge difference to the nation.”   

By Brandon

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